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Warriors fans go wild celebrating comeback playoff win

Warriors fans go wild celebrating comeback playoff win

There was an audible rumble emitting from San Francisco's waterfront Friday night as thousands of Golden State Warriors fans erupted with joy both inside the Chase Center and outside the arena in Thrive City as the team mounted a furious fourth quarter rally. "Elation... elated. That was a great comeback win," said Chris Merrill as fans celebrated the 126-117 win after a 19-point deficit in Game 2 of the Western Conference finals. "I mean the Warriors heart right there... down 19, and they come back, unbelievable," said Matt Ferrucci of San Francisco. "It felt like 2017." The official DJ for the Warriors D Sharp was Friday's halftime performer. He's been spinning for the team for nearly a decade, but it was his first time hyping up the crowd in this fashion. He turned the arena into a giant dance party. "The energy matters, Dub Nation matters, we gold-blooded, we got to get the w's every single time and you know what man - there's always talk of Oracle versus Chase, Chase is here," said D Sharp. "We love Oracle, and Oracle has a special place in my heart, but this lit too." Fueled by Steph Curry and Kevon Looney, the Warriors mounted one of the largest comebacks in the team's history in the second half. "When the going gets tough they come out on top," said Chanel Gill of Newark. "It's all about the adjustments right, it was a hard time, and they got it done in the end. That's all that matters," said Sunny Kang of Turlock.

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