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Warriors’ DJ D Sharp keeps the beat despite empty arenas

Warriors’ DJ D Sharp keeps the beat despite empty arenas

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — His name is Derrick Robinson. But thousands of Warriors fans know him as DJ D Sharp.

He’s been the Golden State’s team DJ for the last eight years. Now, he’s playing to a mostly empty arena, but that doesn’t stop him from thinking about his audience.

“I always refer to Dub Nation as a family, it’s just a wonderful family. People get together, all walks of life, they come, and they get in that building, and they just have a blast and have fun,” Robinson said.

Robinson always knew music would be his career, even as a young teen — well before he began playing for crowded arenas.

“It was this movie called ‘Beat Street’ that I saw, and there was a character in there, he was a DJ. He was kind of the main character, and I just liked everything that he embodied.”

“I was like wow, this is what I want to be, this is what I want to do.”

He put together a makeshift set of turntables and mixers in his bedroom, and spent hours practicing his craft. Robinson’s first gig was a birthday party at a recreation center.

From there, he moved onto the club scene, and then touring with other artists..

“I just ended up traveling all around the world, and it was a beautiful thing, because being from Oakland — east Oakland at that — it just cultured me. I learned so much, and it was a beautiful journey,” said Robinson..

But the journey would bring him back to Oakland, where he’s been front and center during Golden State’s incredible run. And though this year’s been so different, Robinson has kept that trademark positivity..

Even in empty stadiums..

“I come from the school of: it’s a performance every time. Like you get on no matter who’s in the building. If there’s five people, if there’s 5,000 people, you give the same show,” he said.

Read the original article by Kate Rooney at kron4.com

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